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Wondering what RACE can do? What can't it do?

The RACE language has been used on scores of production sites for over 5 years. Using RACE, developers have programmed everything from product managers for an industrial mud cleaning company’s web site to the web-based billing system for Sol Tec, Champaign’s longest-established ISP. So when you ask, “what can I do with RACE?”, we prefer to ask, “What can’t you do with RACE?”

First, let’s be realistic. RACE won’t clean out your fridge, walk your dog, or make you more attractive to the opposite sex… unless perhaps you’re dating another programmer. He or she will undoubtedly appreciate how quickly you can develop applications with RACE. Who knows?

What is your time worth?
Just think how much you could accomplish if you spent less time on every programming project. Tim Adamson, an experienced ASP, PHP and RACE programmer, experienced the time difference in programming with RACE. "It took me 2 months to finish my first ASP project and first PHP project each," Tim says. "I think I spent about 1 1/2 weeks (part-time) before my first RACE project was done… and now I've got things down to hours I wouldn't have thought possible in 1997."

Why is RACE so fast and convenient to work with? RACE is:

  • Easy to learn: RACE’s syntax is like that of HTML, so it’s easy to learn and use. RACE code and HTML can coexist on a single page… no separate CGI scripts required.

  • Compact, yet extensible: RACE allows you to do more with fewer tags to learn… just 21 to be exact. And since RACE allows you to define and use custom tags, you can extend its functionality to untold limits.

  • Tested and supported: RACE was developed and used since 1994 on scores of web sites. Support is offered from the very developers who invented it, and from a growing community of RACE users.

    But I’m not a programmer...
    If you’re a web designer but not much of a programmer, take notice: RACE is so easy to use, even non-programmers find it simple to learn. RACE enables you to add a new, dynamic dimension to your web designs. You can introduce random events, interact with a database, identify users with cookies and send them specific content, and much more.

    So what can RACE do?
    Here are just a few of the web sites that are powered by RACE:

  • United States Grand Prix: When you're handling hundreds of volunteers for the world's third-largest international sporting event, you need a reliable, fast system that is built around the information you need to know. Before Riverwatcher developed USGP's volunteer manager using RACE, the Hospitality Committee was using walls of Post-It notes to organize volunteers. Now they can control hundreds of volunteers from a single web site. The system will be used this year for the third time.

  • Champaign Surplus: To create an online store with seemingly endless variety in products required a flexible scripting language. RACE is used to interact with the database and display product information, operate an online shopping cart that uses cookies to store an order, and create managers that Champaign Surplus uses to update most of the content on their site.

  • Vermilion Advantage: RACE allows Vermilion Advantage to manage most of the content of their site from any web browser, anywhere. Their site allows them to upload photos of buildings and development sites as soon as they are available.
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    US Grand Prix
    The US Grand Prix has used RACE for the past 2 years for their volunteer registration.

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