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Champaign, IL May 26, 2003
Riverwatcher, a premier web development and programming firm located on 223 North Neil, is pleased to announce the launch of the latest version of the RACE scripting language for use by web developers and designers at large. The release of this software heralds a powerful new tool for developers of all skill levels.

The revolutionary scripting language is unlike most server-side scripting environments. It is designed to be powerful enough to satisfy seasoned programmers, but easy enough to use for those with a beginning to intermediate level understanding of HTML.

RACE allows development and production to happen simultaneously, moving projects from concept to production at twice the development pace. With RACE, web developers now have an efficient and cost-effective way to develop and deploy the next generation of dynamic web sites. For any business, people are the most valuable resource. Wasting time using a cumbersome programming language can slow down projects, decrease productivity and delay the time-to-market. RACE is very easy to use. The RACE syntax is modeled after HTML and XML so that it looks and feels like a natural extension of HTML. RACE provides the building blocks to accomplish any task with a set of only 21 commands. You can build everything from a simple form to a complex online store.

The RACE language has been used by Riverwatcher on scores of production sites for over 5 years, proving its utility and speed on small to large sites (see attached list of sites using RACE language.) RACE is an efficient high-performance extension to the Apache web server, the most widely used web server on the Internet. By providing features such as database connectivity and custom security authentication, RACE gives users of all skill levels the ability to produce dynamic web sites and online software applications. RACE currently works with all Apache servers (versions 1.3.x) for UNIX platforms including Solaris, LINUX, BSD and Mac OS X. Windows versions are planned for future development.

Downloads of the RACE installer and information about RACE are available at www.racekit.net. Professional support for RACE is available from experienced developers at Riverwatcher on a contractual basis. RACE is the next step to improving web sites on the Internet.

For more information about RACE go to www.racekit.net or call Riverwatcher at 217.355.1555.

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