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SYSTEM HASH - Special system variables in RACE

  • accept (Apache only) - Contains a list of all types that the client's browser will accept.
  • arg - (Shell only) Contains an array of commandline arguments given to the RACE shell - the first value will be the name of the RACE script being run.
  • document_current - Contains the specific document (i.e. include file, if applicable) that RACE is currently parsing.
  • document_name - Contains the name of the parent document, which will be the same as document_current unless accessed from an include file.
  • document_root - Contains the local document_root path for the current vhost.
  • document_uri - Contains the full URI (path) being accessed by the browser.
  • env - (Shell only) Contains a hash of environment variables as name and value pairs
  • error - Contains the last error that RACE has encountered in the script that is currently running.
  • errors - Contains an array of all errors that RACE has encountered in the script that is currently running.
  • host_name - Contains the connical name of the local web server.
  • path - Contains the system path.
  • path_info - Contains information about the path of the current document.
  • pid - Contains the process ID of the Apache daemon serving that page.
  • query_string - Contains the query string sent by the browser.
  • referer - Contains the host name of the server that referred us.
  • redirect_url - Contains the url of the http redirection.
  • remote_host - Contains the remote hostname, if applicable, of the client.
  • remote_addr - Contains the remote IP address of the client.
  • request_method - Contains the request method (typically either GET or POST).
  • server_protocol - Contains the protocol version that the server is using.
  • server_name - Contains the name of the server.
  • server_port - Contains the port number that the server is running on.
  • server_result - Contains the server result code of the http request; normally it is 'OK'.
  • server_signature - Contains the server's signature.
  • server_software - Contains the server's software version information.
  • server_status - Contains the numerical http status code; normally it is '200'.
  • user_agent - Contains the user agent string sent by the browser.
  • version - Contains the current RACE version.

Example - Banning a user from a page
Error: Improperly formatted array or hash.

This keeps users from from viewing the page

RACE Documentation

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