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SYSTEM - RACE System-related operations

  • TIMEOUT - Sets the time, in seconds, that a RACE script should be given to execute before it times out.
  • DUMP - Dumps the output of all variables or tags in memory.
  • DEBUG - Puts RACE into verbose mode, outputting debug messages for actions such as database connections, etc.
  • OUTPUT - Turns browser output on or off and determines whether output should be buffered (sent after all processing is done) or unbuffered (sent as processing occurs)
  • HEADER - Disables RACE's automatic sending of HTTP headers - this will require that you send your own HTTP headers to the client's browser.
  • MESSAGE - Writes the message you specify to the Apache error log.
  • DATABASE - When the DATABASE attribute is set to "persistent", only one database connection is used per page, rather than a new connection for every database call
Example - Controlling text output to the browser

Some stuff<br>
<system output="off">
you should not see this<br>
<system output="on">
you should see this<br>
<system output="off">
<define var="$i">1</define>
<define var="$j" eval><$i>+1</define>
<while test="<$j> < 5">
  <define var="$i">1</define>
  <while test="<$i> < 3">
    <$j>,<$i>: line 1<br>
    <$j>,<$i>: line 2<br>
    <$j>,<$i>: line 3<br>
    <$j>,<$i>: line 4<br>
you should not see this either
<system output="on">
you should see this again<br>

Some stuff

you should see this

line 3
line 4
you should see this again

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