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REDIRECT - automatic url redirection with RACE

  • LOCATION - The URL to redirect the browser to.
  • INTERNAL - If INTERNAL is specified, Apache will use its internal redirect, cloaking the destination location from the browser.
The REDIRECT tag allows a web page to issue a meta redirect tag into the header of the HTML data to be sent to the browser, or do an internal Apache redirect. The URL specified can be relative or absolute, meaning it is possible to redirect a user to another page on your server, or to another server altogether.

Note: Care should be taken with the use of this tag, because any data output after the use of this tag will still be included in the HTML header, and may therefore cause unexpected results. This tag should be used when it is known that no other data will be accidentally included.

Example - Redirecting a user based on a variable

<if test="<$cookies.loggedin> != 'true'">
  <redirect location="login.race">
  <redirect location="protected.race">

This code directs a user to the appropriate page based on whether or not a cookie specifies they are logged in to a site.

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